The Republican Mercury-Gazette
"Vox Populi - Vox Dei"

10 November 1886

Weather Fair and Cool

Price 3

Aerodynamic flyer makes A debut at Causeway Aerial-circus

by K. R. McFee, Correspondent

Well known aerialist and contraptionator Mr. Rob’t Llanza-Hargrove astounded audiences at the Causeway Aerodrome last Saturday morning with a short flight performed in an aerodynamic flying machine of his own devising. As the astute follower of Aerial Science may know, Aerodynamic Flyers require no lifting gases or Repulsive-Graviton engines to achieve flight, but instead use the peculiar designs of their lifting vanes also known colloquially as wings, to mount into the air. These principles, known in Aeronaval circles as ‘aerodynamics’ lend their name to this class of Aerocraft. A number of these Aerodynes have been used experimentally of late by the Republican Aerial Naval establishment to ascertain what place, if any, the Aerodyne has within our modern Aerial Fleet. Though as of this writing the utility of these flyers is as yet in doubt, this correspondent fancies that soon enough we shall see flying Aerodyne Vanelifters plying the sky-lanes that are as yet too small for the majestic Dirigible-liners of the Great mercantile concerns to pursue. As for the military applications of these small cousins of our mighty fleets, perhaps they will find roles similar to the light signal flyers that are so common to-day. It is obvious however that they are much too small to have any effect on the leviathans of our great Aerial fleets and that they show considerably less durability than even the smallest dirigible or lifter.

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In our last edition we mistakenly reported that Aeronef was created by a band of gibbering Barbary Apes. In point of fact Aeronef is a Copyright of Wessex Games. We regret any confusion this may have caused for either the Apes or Wessex Games.

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Peace overture Rejected!

Mexico refuses to hear out plans for peace

diplomatic mission leaves puebla in defeat

New offensive feared!

by E. P. Kershaw, Correspondent

It has come to our attention that a  reasonable and equitable solution to the  Mexican Problem is a fruitless quest. The perfidious Mexican Dictator still casts his covetous gaze towards our rich and prosperous lands that were so recently merely an undeveloped and neglected footnote on the rolls of Mexico's moribund ledger-sheet.  Once cast aside and unloved, the hero Walker has raised up the lowly peoples of the Peninsula and Sonora and has turned what was a purgatory of cacti and desert, bounded by rough mountain and pounding sea into a thriving Paradise of bustling port and smoking furnace. No one in Mexico can claim the credit for this example of what can be done when the Great Power of Providence imbues the limbs of all Good Citizens of the Republic of Sonora. They have developed the land that has been wrested from the decay of inefficiency and neglect that was her only gift from her so-called former benefactors. It comes as no surprise to this writer, as it should come as no surprise to any thinking man that the Mexicans have ceased to negotiate with the duly appointed representatives of our Republic and have sent them packing. The particulars of this belligerancy are well known to all and sundry. First, the seizure of assets belonging to the Sonoran Mining and Exploration Co. totalling twenty-five thousand silver dollars worth of Repulsive Graviton Bearing Ores and the Azul y Blanco Lines Dirigible Mandy carrying said minerals. Next, the cowardly imprisonment of Mrs. Katherine Maria Luz Molino-Harper upon patently false charges of espionage. And finally, the dastardly  and wholly unprovoked attacks on outposts and mines along the Sonoran - Mexican border by Mexican soldiers thinly disguised as 'bandidos'. Even after all of the above affronts to our soverign state we were generous and forgiving, offering to overlook past transgressions and work together in peace and harmony. These offers have been rejected out of hand! No more should the olive branch of peace be held out to these cur-dogs. Now is the time to carry the fight to the enemy. Every citizen of the Republic must rise to her defense. We plead with our beloved President Walker.  You are a man of courage and strength. Lead us to Victory over these thugs that would devour all that we have built here in our new made homeland. We hope to see a increase in the numbers of the Aerial Fleet immediately and a call for volunteer militimen to strengthen the Army of the Republic. Thus with

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Scandalous allegations revealed!

Naval College makes use of toys to plan the National Aerial-defense

by L.Hernandez, Correspondent

The Naval College, the highest institute for the study and dissemination of strategy and tactics has been rocked to the very core by a scandal the likes of which has not been seen since the ‘Mooring Mast’ scandal of 1883. The shocking rumor that has now become even more shocking truth is that Senior members of the Collegiate have been using common children's toys to play at Aero-Naval Warfare. As if this were not enough of a loss of dignity and face, this policy has been approved of, nay, encouraged by the Admiralty Council themselves! Using minature ships, toy soldiers, and airships, the members of the Collegiate have been playing at sham battles with pot-metal miniatures and adjudicating the results of imaginary gun-fire by the rolling of dice. Gaming with our republic's future like so many back-alley sharps. This News-Paper cannot con-

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