Republican 'Digs ply the Air-Lanes carrying precious R-Matter

Republic of Sonora Timeline:

1824 William Walker is born in Nashville, Tennessee

1852 Henri Giffard flies his 'Motivated Aerostat'

1853 Walker sails from San Francisco in the brig 'Caroline' with forty-five men. Walker captures La Paz and declares the Republic of Lower California free of Mexican rule. Minor skirmishes occur with local troops. After securing La Paz Walker sets up headquarters in Ensenada.

1854 President Walker annexes Sonora. The name of the Republic is changed. New recruits from San Francisco pour into Ensenada. General Timothy Crocker dies leading a charge of the barricades at the battle of Guaymas, his sacrifice secures the Sonoran capital.

1855-1859 War of Independence.

1855-1861 Apachian Wars.

1874-1875 Sinaloa War.

1877 Second Apachian War.

1880-1882 First Mexican War (War of the Barges)

1884 Frank Stockburn invents the Negative Gravity Screw.

1885 French Aerialists demonstrate a Negative Gravity Screw Aeronef during a tour of the Southwest and Sonora. Later that year the 'General Crocker' Sonora's first Aeronef is purchased. It is immediately used to ferret out Apachian raiding parties (some say General Nelson Miles got a few the ideas he used during his campaign against Geronimo from the Sonorans).

1886 Hartley Rennick uncovers the secrets of R-Matter. Mine tailings in sonora are discovered to be rich in naturally occurring R-Graviton bearing materials.

1886-1889 Mexico attempts to seize the R-Matter fields and mines of Sonora. A large invasion is attempted. The protracted Second Mexican War is a result.

1888 Breakout at Hermosillo: Mexican 'Digs and gunboats attempt to push into the interior of Sonora to Hermosillo. After a pitched battle Sonoran forces manage to destroy the invaders.

1889 Second Mexican War ends with Treaty of San Diego.

1894 William Walker dies at age 70. Robert Ward Hayes is elected President of the Republic.

1895 Border war with Mexico.

1899 Tensions grow higher on the Sonora/Mexico Border

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