Greetings From the Republic of Sonora

The Flag of the State Of Lower or Baja California The Flag of the Republic of Sonora The Flag of the State of Sonora The Air and Naval Ensign of the Republic of Sonora

The Flags of the Republic of Sonora from left to right: Baja California state flag, fhe flag of the Republic of Sonora, the flag of the State of Sonora, the Aero-Naval Ensign of the Republic of Sonora

"Any social organization, no matter how secured, is preferable to that in which individuals and families are altogether at the mercy of savages."

-Wm. Walker

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The Republic's first airship 'General Crocker' on its inaugural flight, October 1886.

Established on January 18th 1854 by Colonel William Walker, the Republic of Sonora is comprised of two states. The first, Lower California, was liberated from its piteous state of benign neglect at the hands of the Mexican Government by Colonel Walker and his Patriotic band of now-famous 'Immortals' at La Paz, on November 3rd 1853. The Second state, Sonora was established by Presidential Decree on the 18th of January, 1854. The rescue of valuable minerals and unblemished wilderness called to the better natures of that breed of mankind that was flourishing on California's Golden Shores, and soon, the newborn Republic was filled with fortune seekers and bravos of all nations, waiting only for a guiding hand and firm moral direction. President Walker, that "Grey-eyed man of Destiny", was just the man for the task. With these few brave souls and their natural fortitude, Walker quickly gained the upper hand and vanquished not only the craven bandits who masqueraded as Mexican Soldiers, but also the fierce Apachian Warriors that raped and robbed at will amongst the common people. Rallying to the Republican cause, the brave people of Sonora spontaneously welcomed Walker as both military savior and forward thinking ruler.

Exerpts from "Blossom in the Desert - A history of the Republic of Sonora" by M. P. T. Poole-Iturbide, University of La Paz Press, La Paz L.C. RoS, 1907

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